Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Mt. Sinai

Mt. Sinai, originally uploaded by Jeff..

In stark contrast to the placid seascape of my last painting Mt Sinai will be filled with stormy color and physical disturbance not unlike what i started to achieve in the Tower Of Babel painting. I want to improve on the stylistic contrasting colors and loose automatic line work. I really like the concept of what the biblical Mt Sinai stood for. The idea of a place where God makes his physical presence known to man, a place filled with turmoil and disruption from the energy that is spontaneously emitted as the super natural comes into contact with the natural. It's not my intention to make a painting about deep themes or metaphor or be overly representative. My true objective is to continue to develop an artistic technique and progress a design aesthetic. That being said I can't help but think that recent political issues haven't directed my style and subject matter. Unilateralism, Isolationism, the promotion of torture, warmongering, self righteous political dogma, the restriction of freedom and all with the backing of the Christian church has contributed heavily to how my art is expressed.

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