Sunday, February 26, 2006


On My Easel

Originally uploaded by Ponycar.
Soul Clouds.
I’m in the first stages of this painting's development. What you're seeing is the base layer of color structure that outlines placement of shapes and objects and sets initial color hues.
I'm making minor adjustments to the cloud size and the horizon line in the end the cloud will have a larger impression and there won’t be such a hard transition along the horizon.
I think the brush strokes are a little too short so I will probably lengthen them as I continue to apply more color.
When finished the painting will have a deeper more complex tonal range.
The canvas itself wraps around to the back of the stretchers this allows me to paint the sides of the canvas which gives the painting a more contemporary look and allows it to be hung without a frame. Hopefully I will make quick progress on this piece. If all goes well I should be finished with this in about a month.

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