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(The first casualty of war is the truth)

(The first casualty of war is the truth)
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Sorry but this is off topic.

I came across this photo as i was surfing through flickr. It is not mine but to be sure I would be very proud to call it my own.

A thought occurred to me as I was looking at this photo and reading some of the captions, the grave stones appear to look like soldiers standing in formation on a parade field. Individuals forced into conformity by a war.

Yet each stone represents a very unique human being who had distinctive God given talents that were taken from us too early never to be fully realized. And all we have left are these cold imitative stones in lock step frozen in a perpetual march.

Creativity laughs at conformity and says I have a better way and there will be a way where there was no way and I will bring it into existence.

Creativity brings about hope and possibilities and design.

Creativity can stop wars, develop renewable energy, feed the hungry, provide affordable health care, share hope, ensure freedom, land a man on mars and creativity can make zucchini bread which is what I'm going to go do.

Now it's your turn, go be creative.

Zucchini bread? Now that's my kind of creativity. Great post Jeff. I have a cool poster that hangs in my dining room. It says, "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." The quote is by Oscar Wilde. Diversity doesn't have to be divisive. Those who seek conformity mean to root out diversity and thereby divide us from one another.
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