Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tower Of Babel

Tower Of Babel
Originally uploaded by Jeff.
I will be starting a new painting soon and I have chosen the Tower Of Babel as the subject. This is a sketch I did last week for a Nexus Church service on the same subject. The sketch depicts the beginning of the destruction of the tower. As the story goes in Genesis 11 the people of Babylon came together as one people unified speaking one language for the purpose of making a name for them selves. They would build an amazing structure that would ultimately reach to Heaven. When God saw what they were doing I guess he didn’t like the idea you know the people were being so industrious and all. So he decided to destroy the tower and scatter the people all over the earth causing them to be separated and speak in many different languages. This is why all the people in the South have such a funny accent… :-)
Anyway I thought the subject would be a great allegory for our time. I let the viewer apply his/her own interpretation on what this might mean to him/her.

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