Friday, June 17, 2005


Next subject for painting

Next subject for painting
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Ok so I took a three-month break and now I need to get back into it. I have a project still in limbo I need to finish but over the last three months many ideas have been running through my head. This latest subject was inspired by an Elton John song believe it or not. The line from the song was " treasures children always seem to find “. That line and the song take me back to my childhood. It caused me to remember a time in the summer when neighborhood friends would sit in the grass and make clover chains. We would have competitions to see who could make the longest chain. Lately I have had some repetitive themes rolling through my head, Innocence, Purity, and Simplicity.
It really doesn't take allot of effort on my part to understand why. The world we see in the news is just so evil (for lack of a better word). You hear stories about war, children being abducted, political lines becoming chasms; road rage and selfish attitudes are everywhere. I just come home wanting to take a shower to wash all the dirt off. So the new painting will be about much more than just a glass of clover flowers. The challenge will be what can I manipulate in the painting to make more of a statement about innocence. Even though we are exposed to allot of dirt and yes create allot of dirt of our own I believe one of God’s gift to us is to allow Him to make us clean again. That’s what this painting is really going to be about…if it ever gets finished.
Not to ignore the practical side this will also be an exercise in technique God knows I need the practice. Here's hoping I finish another painting soon.
P.S. the photo is mine I shot it on my desk at work.

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